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What is our card?

The Discount Card is the ideal offer for all people visiting Kołobrzeg and its surroundings.
Our Discount Card gives you attractive discounts at over 60 locations in the region!
Discover the interesting places and save money!

Benefits at over 60 locations.

Discount up to 30%

2, 7 or 14 days valid

One card for 5 persons

from 12.00 PLN

How does it work.

Learn how works our card and discover more for less!


Purchase card

The Discount Card is only available in our online shop!


Download or print

The discount card you can easily get on your email.
Download the map with your smartphone or simply print it out..
You decide in which form do you want to use them!


Enjoy the discounts!

The card is your pass to the world of discounts. Choose from dozens of offers and attractions in Kołobrzeg and the surrounding area!
Show your card in selected locations and take advantage of the variety of discounts..

The best attractions
for you
and your family

With the bonus card Mike and An were able to save 160 PLN durnig the first day! That's almost 40 €!

Example calculation for discounts for two persons:


What is the discount card

The card is a discount card that gives you discounts at more than 60 sights and restaurants in Kołobrzeg and the surrounding area.

For whom is the discount card suitable?

For everyone! The discount card is aimed at all persons who visit Kolberg and surroundings as well as the inhabitants.

How long is the discount card valid?

The discount card is valid for 2, 7 or 14 days from the desired start date. (The start date will be chosen when you buy the card.) If you purchased the card with the start date of July 1st, it will be valid until midnight on July 7th)

How expensive is the discount card?

The discount card you get only for:

  • 12,00 PLN – 2 days valid,
  • 25,00 PLN – 7 days valid,
  • 35,00 PLN – 14 days valid.
Where can I buy the discount card?

The discount card is only available in our online shop!

Where can I use the card? Which attractions are there?

The discount card is accepted by all our partners. You can find the partner list here »

Can I visit the same attraction several times with my discount card?

Yes, the access to all attractions is unlimited during the validity of the card.

Is the card personal?

Yes, the card is personal. When booking the attraction, you will be asked to provide the name of the cardholder.

Can I buy the discount card as a gift for another person?

Of course. You only have to enter the name of the person who will use the discount card during the booking process.

How much can I save?

It depends on how many and which attractions you use and how high your bills will be. If you want to enjoy a dinner, a balloon ride and a delicious coffee, for example, you can save as a couple up to PLN 160 in one day! Check our affiliate list and enjoy the discounts. Experience more for less!

What happens if a partner refuses to grant the rebate?

Write us the place and the time in which the situation happened.

Feel the taste of the holidays!

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